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ERP Solution VendorEbizframe ERP, the largest selling ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning ) in the mid-market segment in India and Africa, is a time tested web enabled ERP from Eastern Software Systems. ebizframe has around 800+ customers spread in 25+ countries spread over India, Africa and Gulf. ebizframe is multi-company, multibranch, multi-location and multi currency software. One can easily consolidate data across companies/branches as well as drill down to transactions from macro level results. ebizframe can be deployed over the Internet or intranet using any methods of available connectivity. Besides English and the English like languages like French, Spanish, German and Portuguese, it also supports languages like Arabic and Thai, which have a different Character set. ebizframe covers the following functionality requirements of most of the manufacturing and non-manufacturing organizations.
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Note: “These products and services are offered by Eastern Software Systems which is Inter-Tech partner and all IPRs belong to ESS".

ERP QatarWe provide our customers the competitive edge through our bouquet of Enterprise Solutions which enables them to achieve success and deliver quality to their customers in their product and services. We help our customers in extending their power of Enterprise Information Network by integrating their existing and legacy applications with our advance and new innovative solutions.

Business Intelligence
ebizframeXLenz is an Excel based Business Intelligence cum Reporting tool which helps an organization manage huge volumes of data, extracting relevant information, and turning that information into knowledge for improved decision making.For more details click here

Business Process Management
ebizframeTaskCentre brings all the companies counterparts i.e. people, systems and information together through distribution, attainment and integration of information. It increases the ease and perfection of workflows with better planning, designing and execution. For more details click here

Mobile SFA Solution
EbizframeFieldMax helps in eradicating the duplication of business transactions (Collections, Sales returns, Competitors Information among other details). It increases the field staff productivity of Distribution function of enterprise by simplifying the order capture and delivery planning functions. For more details click here.

Document Management System
ebizframeDMS ensures problem free data exchange between different applications and provide a extensive variety of utilities for managing product documentation. ebizframeDMS enables to put collectively, index and search all sorts of documents such as work procedures, Customer/Supplier documents, meeting reports, CAD drawings, faxes, images, presentations and e-mails. For more details click here

Hospital Information System
ebizframeMagnum and ebizframeRx are competent of both retrieving and propagating patient-specific data across the entire Healthcare enterprise. It helps in creating a totally integrated, paperless e-Health Networks and Healthcare enterprise tightly integrated with BI application, medicalimaging solutions, and web portal etc.
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Judicial Automation System
ebizframeJustice has various functions like Scheduling Hearings, Event notices, Court Workflows, Case histories etc. . It also automates legal departments of large corporates as well as creates robust nationwide e-justice networks.For more details click here

Note: “These products and services are offered by Eastern Software Systems which is Inter-Tech partner and all IPRs belong to ESS".

Software Development in QatarOffshore Software Development
We are specializing in software application development and maintenance services worldwide.Our Services comprises of comprehensive gamut of business - whether developing custom software applications, modifying an existing software product to meet new requirements, developing portals managing enterprise content, creating a Web 2.0 collaboration platform or enabling the mobile.For more details click here

Software Product Development
We specialize in software product development for our customers helping them to go to market faster and letting them stay ahead of their competition. We get extremely involved from the inception by grasping our customers business, their target customers, their competitors and other business drivers and shortcomings.
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Custom Software Application Development
We have essential and diverse capabilities to master the entire life cycle of software application development for its customers. We have distinct and established application development process from business case analysis to warranty and support of the application.For more details click here

Enterprise Content Management and Portal
One of the most significant requirements for today’s organizations is to manage content and information. Search for this information at times of need, devours a lot of effort & time and hence loss of efficiency. With the help of storage,version control, effective retention and security,Our Enterprise content management solutions help organizations to achieve corporate information effortlessly.

A portal acts as the medium to information for employees, partners, suppliers and customers likewise. We align our solutions with IT & Business goals by installing multi-tier portals like Customer Portal,Employee Portal, and Supplier Portal. It can be accessed over the web or mobile through deployment over the internet or the intranet.
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Mobile Application Development
Mobile application development services help organizations support business to employee (B2E), business to business (B2B) and Business to Consumer (B2C) business models.Our Solution includes a broad collection of cross-platform or custom packaged enterprise solutions that tackle your vital mobility challenges.For more details click here

Web Development
We have proficiency in a wide range of website design & development solutions: dynamic content management system (CMS) driven websites, corporate identity, next generation web tools and attractive flash websites.
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eCommerce Website Development
Businesses transact electronically between themselves with the help of B2B,B2C& C2C eCommerce websites. Our eCommerce solution will enable your company to quickly and effectively react to new opportunities, reduce operational and time-to-market costs and at the same time enhance overall efficiency. For more details click here

Social Networking Website Development
Social Networking websites help people bond more closely with friends, colleagues and other community members through instant sharing of thoughts and ideas, via micro-blogging, scraps and sharing of media like videos, music and pictures, etc. We build open interactive communities for social networking as well as niche social networking websites on many verticals like travel, healthcare, education, entertainment etc. For more details click here

Note: “These products and services are offered by Eastern Software Systems which is Inter-Tech partner and all IPRs belong to ESS".

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